Top 6 Calming Online Casino Games You Can Play

blog post - Top 6 Calming Online Casino Games You Can Play

Calming online casino games you can play is what you need, because of the current situation. We do not need another stressful online casino game on our list. Though some players want the high-intensity online casino games, some play to calm their nerves or to play for fun. In this article, we will reveal the top six calming casino games that you can play by yourself or with your companions.

Calming Online Casino Games You Can Play

  1. Free Games

Who would not want to play free games in online casinos, right? If you are looking for low-risk games that will not risk your cash and your stress, going into the world of free games in online casinos is the best thing to do.

For the newbies, they can play free Blackjack and Roulette. These free games do not only lessen stress, but they also give the newbies the bigger perspective of what table games are in general.

  1. Glow

The game, Glow, is from the well-known software provider, NetEnt. The software provider is best known for its outstanding graphics and almost real 3D animation of online casino games.

If you are one of the people who feel the soothing rays of the Aurora Borealis, Glow is one of the best games for you. The graphics of this game got inspired by the atmosphere of the Northern Lights. The graphics also include symbols that spin and even glow when clicked.

  1. Heart of Vegas Casino

If you miss the casinos of Las Vegas, then the Heart of Vegas Casino might help you lessen the pain of not being able to visit the place in the meantime. Powered by Great Aristocrat Games, Heart of Vegas Casino has almost the feel of the real slot machines. However, don’t expect any real money from this online casino game.

  1. Lucky Blue

Lucky Blue is for the beach lovers who love the sound of the waves and the sand. The relaxing atmosphere of this online casino game will take you to the beach, with their five underwater reels and a ‘just for fun’ option.

  1. Big Fish Casino

The Big Fish Casino has more than one game inside. Since you can play with your friends with this game using your mobile gadgets, either on iOs or Android, Big Fish can take you into a whole new level of fancy.

  1. Online Poker With Friends

Another game you can play with your friends is online poker. Even while miles apart, you can still slay the poker face and enjoy a fun-filled online poker with your companions.

Before playing any online poker, though, make sure that you are using a legitimate, safe, and trustworthy site.